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Focus on a female student holding a booklet. Looking excited in the west mall under trees.

Why McCombs?

At Texas McCombs, we want to make the business world a better world. By partnering with us, your company will directly impact students, faculty and programs that are shaping the future of industry.

  • Let’s Make the Dust Fly

    Your partnership with Texas McCombs will unlock new opportunities for your organization to thrive. Recruit specialized talent for entry-level to executive positions. Collaborate with thought leaders on research that addresses your organization’s problems. Extend your brand’s reach to McCombs students, alumni, and leadership. Shape the future by mentoring students or joining a board or council.

Ten Reasons to Partner With Us

  1. Talent in Every Area: U.S. News & World Report ranks all 12 of our BBA specialties in the top 10.
  2. Size and Scale: Our large size, including more than 6,000 enrolled students and over 100,000 alumni, outpaces nearly all of our competitors.
  3. Distinguished Faculty: A vibrant intellectual environment is essential for any prominent business school, and, at McCombs, that core intellectual capital is nurtured within our academic departments.
  4. Teaching by Doing: McCombs’ extensive hands-on, real-world learning opportunities set our students apart and better prepare them for a smoother transition into professional positions.
  5. Developing Leaders: McCombs helps students develop their character and credibility, creating better prepared, more knowledgeable leaders.
  6. Future Focused: McCombs has been dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and encouraging collaboration among researchers, developers, and investors.
  7. Located in ATX: Austin is the fastest-growing technology hub in the nation. McCombs offers talent, space, and knowledge in the heart of the city.
  8. Dedicated Corporate and Foundation Relations Team: McCombs has a team dedicated to helping corporations and foundations engage with the school.
  9. Top-Ranked Career Management Office: The career management team prepares students for the workforce and connects them to top employers.
  10. Cross-Industry Connections: McCombs faculty members produce research with Dell Medical School, the Cockrell School of Engineering, and many other UT schools and colleges, as well as institutions of learning worldwide.