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Experiential Learning

The classroom is only one of many venues in which you will find yourself learning, growing, and applying your skills. As a Texas McCombs MBA, you will have a multitude of opportunities to gain new insights, hone your expertise, and grow your network.

  • Texas McCombs+ Program

    Texas McCombs+ provides experiential learning and global programs designed to grow influential business leaders through action-based co-curricular and academic initiatives. You’ll have an individually tailored experience that includes seminars from industry experts, micro-consulting projects, and access to a hand-selected group of professional communication and leadership coaches.
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Texas McCombs+
  • McCombs+ Projects

    Ready to apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom? Work on an 8-10 week micro-consulting project with a team of your classmates to solve real challenges faced by real companies and organizations. You’ll present your findings and recommendations to the client. McCombs+ projects are a great way for students to gain exposure to new industries and functions.
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Texas McCombs+
  • Individual Coaching

    You’ll have access to a slate of professional coaches to work one-on-one with you on a variety of topics throughout your time in the MBA program. These seasoned experts are ready to help you refine your skills in communication, leadership, strategy, organizational culture, and more.
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Texas McCombs+
  • Training & Development

    The learning never stops. As a Texas McCombs MBA, you’ll have access to a series of live events and webinars on leadership and communication, along with specialized industry training such as Financial Modeling, Pragmatic Marketing, Corporate Valuation, and Executive Presence.
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Texas McCombs+
  • Global Studies Trip

    This trip combines stateside classroom learning about the culture, politics, and economics of a particular country or region with a one-week international trip. Through meetings with local businesses and organizations, you will gain multiple perspectives of the region of interest and get first hand exposure to how business is conducted in another part of the world.

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